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Private and Enterprise solutions from Aviat Networks

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Enterprise and Private Networks

Enterprise network operators may be in widely varying businesses, such as Healthcare, Education and Business, but fundamentally have very similar network requirements. Foremost is secure and reliable support for voice, video and high speed Ethernet data, regardless of the size of the business, agency or organization. Additionally, the network needs to be able to scale upwards and quickly adapt to new applications with minimal disruption, and low incremental cost.

Aviat Networks microwave transport solution supports standards-based, voice, video and high-speed data transport for any size network, for any size business. Our solution delivers the flexibility to meet current and future needs with seamless, cost-effective upgrades as capacity demands increase.
For operators looking for a complete or hybrid microwave solutions, our standards-based microwave radios can interconnect as easily with existing legacy TDM transport networks as with new, greenfield Ethernet data networks for reliable, secure voice and data transport, and do so with simplifying your total network’s operation.
Newer applications involving low-latency data transport or real-time video for surveillance, medical consultation, or sharing a media event, can now be easily conducted over a microwave network with performance superior to any fiber or cable network. Networks operated for financial applications are using microwave radios for superior low-latency performance, capable of covering large distances in shortest path possible. 
In addition to serving a wide range of businesses, we provide mission-critical communications around the world for utilities and oil and gas installations. Our systems operate in the harshest and most challenging and extreme environments.
Whether you are connecting two building, interconnecting a campus or a business park, or building out a city-wide or state-wide network, Aviat can help you all the way.
  • Secure data and video transfer
  • LAN and PBX extension
  • High capacity data transfer
  • Remote computing and redundant connections
  • FIPS – validated for Data encryption
Fixed Networks
  • Low cost, Fiber alternative
  • Redundancy, overlay network
  • Backhaul for Small Cell, Micro/Pico cell, muni/private WiFi
  • Backhaul for 3G/4G/LTE networks
  • Campus building connectivity (temporary, outlying)
  • Distance Learning  to remote campuses
  • Aggregate bandwidth and backhaul for video surveillance, Internet access
  • Live event connectivity to remote locations
  • Remote campus computing
  • High capacity, Overlay, redundant connections (to server farms, computing centers)
  • Security surveillance
Financial Operations
  • Low latency transport of Ethernet data
  • Secure file transfer
  • Shortest, most direct connection
  • High reliability, greater than 99.99% 
Health Care
  • Secure records transfer including FIPS- validated
  • Remote video consultation
  • Physician Office building connectivity
  • First Responders video and data connectivity
  • Campus building connectivity
Oil and Gas Utilities
  • Secure transport over water, harsh conditions
  • Secure video surveillance, data telemetry and aggregation
  • High capacity backhaul for large networks
  • Enabling Remote facility connectivity


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