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Aviat offers best-in-class courses at training centers in major regions around the world, using our hands-on equipment. Our courses are developed by instructors with extensive teaching expertise and field experience and designed to give your staff the skills they need to successfully configure and manage your network.

Please refer to our class catalog for full course descriptions, and our class calendar below for upcoming classes. Some classes are offered regularly and at several worldwide locations. Other courses are limited to locations where specialized equipment is available.

Upcoming classes

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Microwave Radio Dates Length Location Register
TR-ECL-01 & TR-ADVFTR-01 (Bundle offer)
View course details
AUG17-21,2015 5 days NG Click here
SEP 14-18, 2015 5-days UK Click here
TR-ECL-01: Eclipse Installation, Operations & Maintenance
View course details
SEP 14-16, 2015 3-days UK Click here
AUG 17-19, 2015 3 days Texas -- CLASS FULL --
TRN-ADVFTR-01: Deploying Advanced Eclipse Features Course
View course details
SEP 17-18, 2015 2 days UK Click here
TRN-CTR-01: CTR 8540 Installation, Operation & Maintenance
View course details
OCT 26-30, 2015 5 days Texas Click here
AUG 24-28, 2015 5 days NG Click here
TRN-WW-NETIPR101-01: Basic Networking and IP Routing
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AUG 24-28, 2015 5 days-Special Price- NG Click here
ELEARNING & CERTIFICATION Dates Length Location Register
TRN-ACI-01-01E Aviat Certified Installer Certification
View course details
NA NA On-site Click here
TRN-ANA-01 Aviat Network Associate Switching Certification Track
View course details
NA NA On-site Click here
ELEMENT MANAGEMENT Dates Length Location Register
TR-PRO-01: ProVision Network
View course details
AUG 20-21,2015 2 days Texas Click here