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Aviat Services Portfolio for IP and Microwave – Seamless Expertise

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Aviat Services Portfolio for IP and Microwave –
Seamless Expertise

Aviat Networks’ Services portfolio can help you get the most from your infrastructure investment. At Aviat Networks we have been entrusted with planning, building, supporting and enhancing more Microwave networks than any other company. For the broad TDM to packet migration that is ongoing for many operators, a different Service solution is needed to guarantee successful implementation, rapid delivery of new IP­ based services and continued strengthening of your network investments.

aviat_professional_servicesAviat has achieved accolades and recognition from customers and industry experts for large turnkey implementation of microwave engineering projects. Now Aviat Services for IP and Microwave combines engineering, field and operational expertise for both Microwave AND IP Networking technologies – all together available for you from one team!

AviatCare Services specifically addresses the lifecycle events of your network evolution, from both the Microwave AND the IP Networking perspectives: Audit and Planning assessment, Engineering and Design, Network Deployment, Configuration and Implementation, Network Integration, Testing and Commissioning. Additionally, our comprehensive portfolio of Aviat Services can continue to optimize  the performance of the network after it has become operational.

With our global footprint of full time resources and certified partners we have the capability to bring a complete networking solution to our customers where ever the need arises. Our Global Field Support and Global Support Services organizations have been delivering multi­vendor, multi­protocol network solutions for nearly 50 years.

Let us bring this deep experience in delivering quality Services and Solutions to you through these offerings:

Planning and Assessment Services

  • Network baseline, data collection and analysis
  • Recommendation and Readout

AviatDesign Portfolio
Network Design and Engineering

  • High Level Network Design and Design Review
  • Low Level (Detailed) Network Design and Design Review

AviatDeploy Portfolio
Assembly, Integration and Testing Services

  • Network Implementation Plan and Plan Review
  • Network Design Validation and Testing
  • Factory Acceptance & Testing

Installation and Commissioning Services

  • Basic Installation
  • Network Deployment (EF&I)

Program and Project Management

  • Single point of Ownership
  • Program Managers, Project Engineers, Field Engineers, Supervisors
  • Experienced, PMP Certified Professionals managing IP and Microwave Networks


  • Extended & Enhanced Warranty (Warranty Plus)
  • Corrective/Preventative Maintenance
  • Training
  • Spares Management
  • Managed Network Services
  • Network Optimization

Lifecycle Services are various activities that are delivered over the course of a network project or program, just as a hardware product has lifecycle activities over its life time. These are specific Services that ensure that your network’s planning, design, deployment and operation are optimize for both IP AND Microwave functionalities.

  • End-to-end network design, deploy and support solutions optimized for your budget and operational requirements
  • Technical support by experts available by phone, online with global resources at their disposal
  • Regional TAC locations with local expertise • Network maintenance and support services
  • NOC managed services

Network Operators can rest assured that they can:

  • Accelerate their time-to-revenue and time-to-market
  • Improve network return on investment
  • Transform their networks more quickly in order to accelerate deployment of new services
  • Reduce risk and total cost of ownership along the way
  • Increase network reliability and performance
  • Ensure Service Level Agreements to deliver customer satisfaction
  • Focus on their end users’ overall service experience

Brochure:Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together


Microwave and IP/MPLS Services - Better Together

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Data sheet: Aviat Network Services for IP Networks

Data sheet

Aviat Network Services for IP Networks

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Case study:MTN Ghana

Case study

MTN Ghana

Optimum network visibility with Aviat Networks services & Provision...

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Case Study:MTN Nigeria

Case Study

MTN Nigeria

TRuepoint 6500, spares management keep wireless operator in Africa lead

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Case Study:Columbia River Public Safety

Case Study

Columbia River Public Safety

Constellation Provides a Comprehensive Turnkey Solution for Safety & Fishing. Aviat provides enforcement officers with a cutting-edge voice and data radio system.

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Case Study:Wataniya Telecom Maldives

Case Study

Wataniya Telecom Maldives

3G Mobile and Broadband Service Rollout with TRuepoint 6500. Aviat delivers a turnkey backbone solution for Wataniya Telecom Maldives.

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Aviat Networks –
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Aviat Networks Acclaimed Top Microwave Specialist Provider in 2011

Aviat Networks gets top marks for their Customer Service and Support….peer providers and customers alike agree that Aviat Network’s program is the leader in the industry in this most important criteria when selecting a Microwave provider.
Richard Webb, Infonetics, 2011

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