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Network Design & Engineering

Engineering Services that deliver your networks more quickly and reliably

Designing a network in today’s multi-vendor, multi-protocol environment requires skilled, experienced resources capable of completing the full breadth of planning and system-level integration activities. Aviat relieves this burden from network operators with robust, reliable, and detailed network-wide system engineering services that can meet operational objectives on-time.

Aviat’s team of transmission and network engineers approach network transformation in a collaborative manner—we work by our customer’s side along with our project managers and on-site field engineers to understand your network requirements and existing infrastructure in preparation for your network transformation.

Our goal is to develop and integrate a comprehensive, network-level System Engineering plan that accelerates your deployment of new services while reducing risk and cost along the way.

Aviat’s Network System Engineering service includes all activities necessary to fully define and document your existing infrastructure, and the future network design necessary to meeting your operational and business goals. This process includes fully documented network discovery, surveys, design and engineering.


  • Single point of responsibility with experienced engineers and managers.
  • In-house System Engineering field experts in locations worldwide, with local understanding and knowledge of conditions on the ground.
  • Dedicated RF transmission, network engineering and field engineering experts assigned for the duration of your project.
  • Best practices for executing and adhering to both local and national electrical and civil building codes.
  • Comprehensive documentation provided for seamless handoff to installation and integration experts.

Aviat’s Network System Engineering services are proven with hundreds of successfully implemented advanced network solutions worldwide. These service solutions include:

  • Conceptual preliminary (pre-survey) and final system design with professional engineering support for associated civil activities
  • Discovery process to identify and exchange existing information, data and documentation
  • Identification of system design criteria, future initiatives and site-specific infrastructure and capacity plans
  • Detailed surveys including
    • Path survey
    • Site survey
    • Tower survey
    • Geotechnical survey
    • Environmental assessment
    • Site infrastructure design including buildings, towers and foundations
  • Site infrastructure support systems including power generation, air conditioning and site security

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