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Design and Planning

For nearly 50 years, Aviat Networks has planned and designed networks all around the world. Based on this experience, Aviat has built a reputation for unsurpassed excellence in delivering the solutions that our customers need to seize new markets and win against their competition.

Whether you are planning a single radio link or a nationwide network, designing a 4G/LTE network, or a university/corporate campus solution, our engineers will research, assemble and validate all the components for a comprehensive engineering plan that will meet and exceed your system-level expectations.

And if you are migrating your network from TDM to IP we have the expertise to guide you every step of the way in the complex task of transforming your legacy circuit-switched equipment to new packet-based transport technologies.

Our in-house engineering professionals have extensive field deployment experience. Their local and regional expertise forms the foundation of our single-minded focus on reducing system downtime and unnecessary costs during the deployment phase of your project, resulting in faster time-to-revenue.

  • Accelerate time to revenue and time to market by minimizing design churn with our industry-leading experts
  • Deliver projects at a lower cost by minimizing design churn and implementing solutions correctly the first time
  • Efficient and effective network designs developed by engineers who stand by your side and understand your business
  • In-house engineers with field experience form the core of our design and planning staff
  • Relentless focus on detail and customer satisfaction
  • Network Engineering Services, including
    • Path and site engineering and studies
    • Transmission and RF engineering
    • Network engineering and planning
    • Aligning network design with business goals and objectives
  • Network Optimization, including
    • End-to-end TDM, hybrid or IP packet optimization
    • Post deployment network optimization

Case Study:Wataniya Telecom Maldives

Case Study

Wataniya Telecom Maldives

3G Mobile and Broadband Service Rollout with TRuepoint 6500. Aviat delivers a turnkey backbone solution for Wataniya Telecom Maldives.

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