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System Integration Services

Aviat is committed to ensuring the highest level of success for your network implementation through end-to-end system integration and testing in a controlled environment at our facility in San Antonio, Texas, USA.

Our factory-trained technicians receive oversight from Quality Assurance inspectors, who strictly adhere to the highest quality standards, including Zero-Defect Wiring.

Experienced engineering and integration teams assemble, configure, integrate, commission and test your entire network, thus reducing the integration effort required in the field. This ensures a higher level of implementation success while getting you to market faster with new services.

Your network can effectively be pre-commissioned without experiencing weather delays, resource availability issues or other challenges that often contribute to overall project delays. In addition, our facility provides our government and regulated customers with verified and witnessed special testing as contractually required.

The benefits of pre-commissioning your network include:

  • Proven integration and testing methodologies that are executed in a controlled environment, ensuring compliance to the highest quality standards available in the industry, such as Zero Defect Wiring.
  • Reduced overall deployment costs by moving installation and integration activities to a factory environment where expertise and materials are readily available
  • Reduction of on-site testing and troubleshooting activities
  • Accelerated field commissioning and testing, which drives faster time to market and time to revenue.
  • Configuration engineering to document detailed engineering designs, rack and shelf layouts and cabling plans
  • Racking all equipment
  • Completing and certifying cabling and physical connectivity based on design documentation
  • Configuration and nodal testing of all network elements, including RF components and interconnects
  • Development and execution of system-level test and acceptance plans
  • Network end-to-end testing, including: top-of-rack power measurements, end-to-end circuit testing and long-term bit error rate testing (BERT), customer connections, etc.
  • Factory acceptance testing: standard acceptance testing, witnessed by end customers to validate and sign-off on network testing performance

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