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Technical Assistance

To receive technical support please contact one of the facilities listed below based on the region you are calling in from.


Technical Assistance

Asia Pacific / China / India

Technical Assistance

Europe / Middle East / Africa / Russia / CIS

Technical Assistance


Global Phone Support

New Process for customers Outside of North America

Starting April 29th, 2013 we will be introducing a new Global Support Hotline Number that will be available 24 hours, 7 days a week, all year long!

Anywhere you are, and anytime you need, you will be able to reach a live Aviat Customer Care representative.

This is how the new process works:

  • When dialing our Global Support Hotline number +1-210-526-6345 you will be greeted by an automated response that will ask you for your PIN#
  • As soon as you enter your PIN#, you will be transferred to our Global Technical Helpdesk that will assist you with your technical issue.
  • If you do not have PIN# your call will be answered by Our Support Assurance Desk that will assess your situation before any further action. Your call will be supported and prioritized accordingly.

Click here to request a PIN#