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AviatCare Educate Certification Program

Get AviatCare Certified!

When you are Aviat Networks Certified, you are ensuring that the work you deliver conforms to the highest quality of Aviat Networks' solutions and commitment to the best practices that Aviat Networks promises to its customers.

The goal of the AviatCARE EDUCATE Certification plan is to develop and nurture a community that can provide learners with ongoing guidance and learning on the latest Aviat products and related technologies.

You will receive tangible proof of your hard-earned knowledge for the installation, operations or designing and planning of Aviat Networks' microwave and IP solutions as well as related technology. And when you have documentation to prove knowledge of Aviat Networks technologies and general microwave theory and practices, you can bring more value-add to the installation, operations and designing and planning processes, which your company and customers are more likely to recognize.

The program is built upon a set of technical requirements that assure individuals and their employers that they have the proven technical competence to design and deliver Aviat Networks technologies, services and solutions to benefit customers.

The certification program is intended for installation and service personnel and requires basic working knowledge of:

  • Installation of microwave and networking equipment
  • Configuration of microwave and networking equipment
  • Telecom/Datacom (telephony and cellular
  • Digital transmission
  • RF, microwave and RF propagation
  • Fiber optics and multiplexing (PDH/SDH/SONET)
  • LAN/WAN technologies
  • Familiarity with protocols such as IP/Ethernet, SNMP and the 7 layer OSI Model

Aviat wants to ensure our learning and certification is aligned with the job functions of individuals and we have introduced multiple levels of certification that enable you to focus on the area applicable for your role. There is renewed focus on blending learning - using the latest technologies to deliver content including ELearning and mobile learning - further enabling you to get the right learning at the right pace and optimized cost.

AviatCARE EDUCATE Certification provides five different certifications based on the depth and breadth of technology, product, job function and solutions:

1. Foundation technology and product knowledge:

Aviat Network Associate (ANA)

2. Increasing foundational knowledge and product knowledge:

Aviat Certified Installer (ACI)

Aviat Certified Operations Specialist (ACOS)

Aviat Certified Design Specialist (ACDS)

3. Increasing solutions knowledge; the highest level of certification:

Aviat Certified Expert (ACE)

There are three product tracks for certification: Microwave Switching, Microwave Routing, and Microwave Trunking. Currently there are 15 certifications in all.

Individuals can choose one or more product tracks and complete learning and certification for the ANA, ACI, and ACOS levels to get the desired knowledge.

The ACDS and ACE are product agnostic and require a reasonable level of understanding and experience with all products and functions prior to certification.

FAQ: AviatCare Diagram

Each certification level has a learning map assigned to it. Learners can choose product track (one or more) to complete the learning and exams starting with the Association level certification.

Next steps are to choose learning maps for their functional role - Install, Operations, or Design - or all. There is no restriction on the number of simultaneous tracks you can pursue as long as the learning prerequisites that are specified in the learning map are met.

You can get the related learning using a combination of ELearning and by attending a series of Aviat Networks courses taught by Aviat instructors depending on the certification level.



Our certification classes will be held in the following Aviat Networks locations:

Region Location
North America San Antonio, Texas (TX) (USA)
Europe Hamilton, UK, and Meudon, France
Africa Lagos, Nigeria


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AviatCare Educate

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