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Starlink – Wireless Engineering

Starlink wireless engineering toolStarlink is an intuitive easy-to-use path engineering tool for estimating the multipath performance and rain availability for microwave TDM or Ethernet radio links operating from 5 to 38 GHz. To make complex calculations easier, Starlink is designed for an intuitive “What If?” approach where users can easily modify path and sites, rain-rate, calculation methods as well as radio and antenna choices.

Over 2000 Aviat Networks radios, antenna feeder systems, and protection/diversity schemes are quickly accessible. Starlink provides full color North American and Worldwide geoclimatic factors, average annual temperatures, and rain-rate regions pull-down maps.

Starlink is intended for initial path design and estimates of its performance and rain availability. It is not a substitute for a path survey and detailed engineering propagation analysis.

Starlink covers North American (T1), CEPT (E1) TDM, and Ethernet/IP transport standards, English and metric measurements.

Aviat ODU 600 is now supported in the Starlink database!

System requirements

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.
  • 1GB RAM or more, with 50MB of free hard disk space.
  • Display resolution is 1024 x 788 or higher


  • Multipath performance and rain availability predictions for 5-38 GHz hops
  • Uses English or metric units for links deployed worldwide
  • Full color maps for North American and Worldwide geoclimatic factors, temperature, and rain- rate regions
  • Vigants-Barnett (“Vigants”) computational model with geoclimatic c-factor or ITU-R K●Q geoclimatic factors for outage, reliability and performance calculations
  • ITU-R P.530-12 -based “Detail Link Design” multipath model with geoclimatic factor K accessing embedded dN1 and on-line USGS GTOPO30 terrain databases.
  • Worst Month and Annual multipath outage performance calculations
  • R. F. Crane rain attenuation model for millimeterwave hop availability calculations
  • Full color Path or Project presentation on a Google Map display, including site locations
  • Median free-space receive signal levels and fade margins calculated to within 2 dB
  • Automatic update via the Internet
  • Program includes two product and equipment databases: microwave radio equipment and antennas.
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Starlink is Aviat Networks' free path engineering tool.

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