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Element Management System

Superior Network Intelligence

ProVision Element Management SystemProVision™ is a powerful, standards-based Element Management System (EMS). Designed to simplify Carrier Ethernet and TDM network designs and services, it provides superior intelligence for mobile and private network operators. By reducing complex configuration time for deployment, providing automated tools to monitor and respond to end-user service levels, and including intelligent links between physical and Ethernet network issues, ProVision enables operators to provide superior levels of service and drive down operational costs.

ProVision delivers network management across the full Aviat product portfolio, key partner products and many third party SNMP-based platforms. It provides efficient, seamless end-to-end network management solutions for TDM, Carrier Ethernet, and hybrid microwave networks.

Smooth Transition to All-IP

Transitioning from legacy TDM to all-IP networks takes time and money, as well as risking network interruptions. ProVision smooths the process by harmonizing microwave, TDM and Ethernet network operations with common concepts and features, a shared user experience, and automation of complex processes.

Seamless Mobile Support

ProVision’s Mobile Client for Apple iOS enables 24/7 network monitoring by operators from their choice of mobile devices, iPhones or iPads.
  ProVision’s Mobile Client for Apple iOS

Proficient Network Operations

  • Fast installation with automated product upgrades
  • Automated discovery of network resources, including end-to-end TDM and Ethernet services
  • Instant alerts of degraded performance and faults, including email and SMS notifications
  • Rapid network provisioning through bulk transactions
  • End-to-end service awareness, providing for intelligent automated operations

Smart Fault Management

  • Microwave, TDM and Ethernet multi-technology network health monitoring
  • Automated Network Health Reports detect performance degradation before outages
  • Advanced end-to-end diagnostics including Ethernet OA&M (ITU-T Y.1731 and IEEE 802.1ag)
  • Smartphone and tablet client option, enabling effective out-of-NOC fault management
  • Ethernet clock distribution and clock synchronization related faults across Eclipse networks
  • ERPS, EVC/VLAN and protection/diversity technologies

Intelligent Network Provisioning

  • Rapid bulk provisioning of network firmware and license upgrades
  • End-to-end provisioning of TDM and Ethernet services through a simple graphical interface
  • Automated validation of network clock sync distribution design
  • Automated discovery, simplifying the provisioning of configuration changes
  • Automated discovery of network and service resources, including end-to-end TDM and Ethernet services and network configurations

Proactive Bandwidth Management

  • Ethernet Bandwidth Utilization instantly presents over- or under-utilization across all network ports, predicts future utilization, and provides navigation to deep-dive analysis tools
  • RF Capacity Reports identify allocated, licensed, maximum & spare capacity available across all microwave interfaces in the network

Secure & Reliable Access Control

  • Role-based access control with Single-Sign-On
  • Flexible containment-based management providing access control by region, technology, etc
  • Secure network device access, including SNMPv3, HTTPS and SSH
  • RADIUS-based authentication, authorization and user access accounting
  • Secure bulk provisioning of network device user accounts and Access Control Lists
  • Audit logging, reporting and client session management

OSS Integration Ready

  • Proven OSS integration with many operators and OSS vendors
  • Spanning assurance and provisioning of microwave, TDM and Ethernet resources
  • Out-of-box traditional SNMP/XML/CSV based Northbound Interface (NBI)
  • TMF 854 MTOSI open interface option, providing for assurance and fulfilment through an industry standard, enabling the automation of OSS processes

Scalable Solutions

  • Up to 10,000 Network Elements and 25 concurrent client sessions per server
  • Licensing based on network size and feature set
  • Redundant server options


  • Server – Windows 7, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003, or Solaris 10
  • Client – Windows 7, XP, 2012, 2008, 2003, Vista
  • Embedded Oracle MySQL database
  • Minimum hardware – 2GHz single core processor, 4GB RAM, 100GB HD
  • Multi-language – Translation available on request

Aviat Networks Services and Support Options

  • General Availability releases to AviatCare customers with a valid support contract
  • 24/7 or 9/5 technical helpdesk available by email and telephone
  • On-site training and installation services
  • Expert network auditing available
  • Custom software development including third party device integration




Element Management System

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Flyer:AviatCare Protect Support Agreements for ProVision EMS Software


AviatCare Protect Support Agreements for ProVision EMS Software

AviatCare Protect Support Agreements for ProVision EMS Software provides customers with the peace of mind of always knowing they have direct access to the latest feature and maintenance releases supported by world class Aviat Network technical support engineers.

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