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About Aviat Networks

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Aviat Networks
The Leading Microwave Networking Specialist

Smarter Microwave Networking Solutions

Thanks to our 50 years of industry experience, Aviat Networks knows microwave transmission better than anyone, and now we are delivering the next generation of LTE Proven and Mission Critical microwave networking solutions that bring together high performance radio transmission, advanced data networking and smart network evolution to all-IP.

With locations across the world, Aviat works by the side of our customers, offering a wide spectrum of service and support solutions that allows them to quickly seize new market opportunities and deliver the highest quality of experience to their customers.

Constant Innovation

We have a long list of industry firsts, including the first split-mount microwave radio, the first embedded management system, the first 38 GHz 128QAM SDH radio, and the first compact hybrid nodal microwave platform. Now we are working on the next generation of microwave networking, which includes a new range of high capacity, zero-footprint radios that deliver high performance with integrated Carrier Ethernet networking, and the world’s first ultra-slim E-Band radio, the first product to incorporate an integrated flat panel antenna.

Financial Strength

Aviat Networks is a specialist microwave company – it’s all that we do. Our aim is to provide the most innovative wireless solutions to solve our customers backhaul challenges at the very lowest total cost of ownership. Profitable, financially stable and secure, Aviat has a strong balance sheet, minimal debt and a healthy cash position.

The Most Trusted Name in Microwave

Aviat has more experience than any other microwave vendor in providing mission critical microwave solutions for applications where lives are on the line. Whether you are a public safety agency with first responder assignments, a mobile service provider with a national footprint, or a utility co-op serving small rural locations, your business has critical applications that your customers depend on.

When you choose Aviat Networks you are assured of robust, secure and powerful microwave radios, offering unrivalled peace of mind where reliability is paramount and service to customers cannot be compromised, even in the most difficult conditions.

But Aviat’s Mission Critical Microwave credentials are more than just market-leading radio’s performance or superior technical support:

  • Our mindset that integrates our uncompromised commitment to design and build the most robust, secure and dependable microwave radios.
  • Our engineering professionals are there at your side before, during and after any equipment deployment, to help you at every step of the way.
  • It is our focus to deliver the most innovative microwave products for your critical applications.

Strong Service Portfolio

With over 40 locations across the world, Aviat works by the side of our customers, offering a wide spectrum of service and support solutions that allows them to quickly seize new market opportunities and deliver the highest quality of experience to their customers, while also optimizing and reducing their network operational costs.

Our service offering spans the full network lifecycle, including design, deployment, optimization and maintenance. Aviat also provides a suite of Managed Service options, where Aviat can handle everything from spares management to network monitoring, operations and control from our own Network Operations Centers (NOC).

Our Markets

LTE Proven Mobile Backhaul

Mobile service providers have a new sense of urgency to invest in their backhaul network to avoid the capacity crunch being driven by the explosion in bandwidth demand as a result of the introduction of new smart devices and the evolution of networks to LTE. At the same time these operators must address the so-called "Revenue Gap" – the widening divergence between increasing network operational costs and flat subscriber revenue.

Aviat has been supplying microwave backhaul solutions for mobile networks for more than 20 years, and into 300 mobile networks around the world. Our LTE-proven microwave backhaul solutions provide the most comprehensive IP transport features of any other wireless backhaul solution in its class, giving operators the peace of mind that the solution that they deploy today will provide a smooth migration path to all-IP networks needed tomorrow, extending life of their existing infrastructure and without having to make a risky early leap to all-IP.

Public Safety and Government Agencies

Government agencies, public safety and first responders all have very similar operational requirements for their networks - highest equipment reliability and uncompromising security for mission critical communication services. With budget tightening more commonly seen now at many levels of government operations, government agencies are demanding innovative solutions that can also achieve lower total cost of ownership.

Aviat Networks is the leading and most trusted provider of wireless solutions for the transport of high-speed Ethernet data, video and voice services to meet the stringent demands for public safety and first responders, border security, defense agencies and local/city government agencies.

Smart Utility Networks

The imminent modernization of the utility grid represents a great opportunity for advancement and change. The telecom network underpins the promise of a Smart Grid to ultimately change the way energy is consumed and delivered including initiatives such as smart meters, substation automation and distribution automation.

Aviat’s wireless solutions build on existing deployed infrastructure for seamless migration, high interoperability and a single management view of entire networks. Wireless is the ideal solution for smart grid deployments due to its lower cost compared to fiber, ease of deployment and proven reliability. Aviat offers a suite of wireless product solutions that includes wireless backhaul, IP/MPLS networking, network management, Network Operations Center (NOC) Services, and turnkey Services.

Proven Experience in Private Networks

Aviat has a long proven record of supplying microwave communications solutions and services into a wide variety of other private network applications, such as infrastructure for broadcast networks, oil and gas installations (on and off-shore), campus and enterprise networks, low latency solutions for high speed trading networks, and railways/transportation.

Our Products and Solutions

Aviat's portfolio of microwave networking products covers an extensive spectrum of frequencies, capacities and applications. This advanced line of microwave backhaul products is optimized for last mile and aggregation sites, and high capacity trunking radios for the core network.

Our products are designed to support smooth migration from TDM to Carrier Ethernet/IP, utilizing either a hybrid design that supports full native support for legacy and new IP traffic with maximum efficiency, or all-IP for operators seeking to deploy all-packet links. Aviat has a powerful product roadmap that drives further integration of microwave and Layer 2/3 and IP/MPLS networking, along with market leading radio performance, efficiency and reliability.

The Aviat Advantage

Our global reach and strong portfolio accelerates time to market and ensures a scalable, high-performance network. Unlike monolithic telecommunications vendors who subscribe to a “one size fits all” approach to serving operators, large and small, which results in vendor lock-in, Aviat is known for its highly individualized experience that nets better results.

In an environment of uncertainty and unrelenting competitive pressures, Aviat has the experience and agility to anticipate what’s coming to help our customers make the right choices so that their investments today aren’t left stranded tomorrow. Because we’re thinking ahead, our products and services are designed for flexible evolution, so no matter what the future brings operators will have all options that they need to move forward and thrive.

And with local presence on the ground worldwide, our microwave experts understand specific local requirements and customs. We work by the side of our customers with personal attention and collaboration to understand and meet the unique challenges of their business and markets.


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Aviat: Top Microwave Specialist

Aviat Networks is Recognized as the Top Microwave Specialist by Service Providers!

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Our Certifications

Aviat Networks Bureau Veritas Certificate

TL9000 / ISO9001
Our TL 9000 certification demonstrates the effectiveness of our Quality Management System, ensuring delivery of the high-quality products and support you have come to expect.

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Our ISO 14001 reflects our success of minimizing our environmental footprint at our Corporate Headquarters in Santa Clara, California.

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